Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Love....

A knife in the chest
And a heart in each hand,
I shall go die on the moon
to see you each dawn.

When the earth rises
And I fall into bed,
A smile without her lips
Is love without her mouth

I am alone and without blame
And I do what I can,
One so far from others
And so close to bliss

I don’t dislike other people
I just need to go,
I am only an astronaut
Unable to tell her I love her

If no one believes
You can die for a girl,
I’ll erase the past
With the prick of a needle

If she comes looking for me
Tell her she’s too beautiful,
I’ve gone far, far away
Just to be with her.

If I died of happiness
And I covered my ass,
Never again would I scare
Those who’ve ceased to love

From cradle to grave
From their heart to their body,
We all carry our weight
From our life to our death

And when you’ve survived love
When you’ve survived hate,
You’ll know that on earth
We are born on the last day,
My love….