Friday, July 3, 2009


Just like everything else, the calm before the storm and then back to the calm....Friday comes and the world is beautiful and full of potential.
My mind is constantly full of her, my every thought lightened by an image of her. My happiest moments and my deepest grief flow from the same source. A world full of "what if's" is not an easy place to be.
Ah, but a muse none the less. I have started painting again. I need to find my freedom of expression is close, I can feel it. I have started writing again. My head and heart are becoming one again.
I have no control over the results...I have only control over the journey, and even then, not much. Down a path of crazy, falling deep into a sleep of self-satisfaction.

These are the eyes that can't see me
These are the hands that drop your trust
These are the boots that kick you 'round
This is the tongue that speaks on the inside
These are the ears that ring with hate
This is the face that'll never change
This is the fist that grinds you down
This is the voice of silence no more

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