Monday, October 5, 2009


They are my dread...I feel like someone can see my soul from my pictures...and see what I'm thinking. It's sometimes overpowering how much I don't like getting my picture taken. Yesterday, at my friend Linda's house, I watched a slide show of her baby Hannah's pictures. She seemed to enjoy having her picture taken, even hamming it up for the camera. What ever happened to that feeling for me? I think it disappeared when I started judging myself so harshly.

So when it came up in conversation, I decided to do something about it....I am going to challenge take a picture of me everyday and post it on my blog.

I know this is not a "physically healthy" challenge, but it definitely is a mentally healthy challenge...Anyone out there want to do this too? I'd love to have company!

1. The picture must contain you
2. You can have anyone else in the picture, if it makes you more comfortable
3. Since this is public domain, no naked ones please!
(unless you're e-mailing them just to me! ;) )
4. For God sake, have fun with this, that's the purpose.
5. Maybe finding something to celebrate each day will make it easier.
6. I propose doing this until October 31st...
(yes that means your Haloween costume counts too!)
7. You can post them on your blog...or send them to me and I will post them on my blog..

Proposed Outcome: I am hoping to start liking getting my picture taken...or at least, be less shy about it. I am hoping that it will help me get a more realistic understanding of my body image...and change the one that's in my head...5 sizes larger and 60 lbs heavier.

Hey, what can it hurt???


  1. I think this is a perfect challenge for you! Enjoy the pics and take it all in! I can't wait to see the beautiful pics of you that you'll be posting everday!! xoxo

  2. This is a great idea to get more comfortable with pictures. I love it! I found your site from twitter and will be back for sure.