Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Should as a word

Words are powerful...and there are many words in the English language that ooze confidence and strength. However, there is one word that I find offensive in the strongest way.

It is used to give advice, personal opinion or a recommendation to someone else, or ourselves. It expresses a personal opinion and is much weaker and more personal than 'must' or 'have to'. It is often introduced by ' I think'.

It is the word "should".

This word takes away our personal power. I often say it to myself, and I've made a conscious effort to stop using it in my dialogue. It is usually accompanied with an admonishing tone in my mind....
"I should have...done something different".
"I made the wrong choice, I THINK I should have done the other thing instead".

Both of those sentences are examples of taking away your own power. I have chosen to do something, and by second guessing myself...I rob myself of the lesson that comes with the choice.

"You should do...." is just as bad. That is taking away someone else's power over their own choices.

The brain is a powerful it the wrong information is like handing a kid a loaded gun. Change negative self-talk to positive affirmations...every little bit helps!

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