Monday, November 23, 2009

The 25 Things I'm Thankful For...

1. I can laugh everyday...even if it is at myself

2. It is what it is....if I can live by this rule...the world doesn't have to be a confusing place....It doesn't need to make sense to me.

3. My sweetheart

4. My ability to SEE the good in people, and then have them PROVE it to me on their own

5. everyone who has passed through my life, and taught me a lesson, easy or hard, it needed to be done.

6. my ability to paint away my pain

7. I can cry and feel miserable, but it eventually gets better

8. I have a safe home

9. I have friends who love me, and I them

10. I'm not afraid to die...I'd just like to delay it for a while

11. The feelings that come with falling in love...the rollercoasters...weeeeeee!!!

12. that I can see the light, and I know what my focus is supposed to be.

13. that I am learning patience. (it's sometimes akin to learning to LIKE being dragged backwards down the stairs...but it's a necessicary lesson)

14. Knowing that today I can make better decisions than I did yesterday, because today I know more

15. That Nikki thought of me, and asked me if I wanted to go to Dominican? on vacation with her and Emily

16. that I am able to live my life without medication

17. that I have progressed past the life sucks phase (hopefully to never return!)

18. that I can go to New York this summer and meet my twitter friends.

19. all the new experiences that I have had in the last year, that I didn't let myself chicken out of.

20. That I have a new job, that I will succeed in...even if it means I've got to teach it to myself

21. That I will be out of debt soon if I follow my own plan..

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