Monday, November 23, 2009

The Lessons That I've Learned,,,

Most of the lessons that I've learned in my 46 years have not been from who I have expected. When you're a kid, the biggest influence in your active decision making, is what you have seen from your parents.

I have learned many things from my mom and dad.

From my mom, I learned to be independent...I learned I could do anything if I just worked hard enough. I learned that education was the key to success. I also learned that fear can numb you to the bone, so that you hibernate from life. I learned how to be bitterly angry, and how to hold a grudge. I learned that one mistake, and I could be unceremoniously cut out of your life too, like all the friends you have turned aside.

From my father, I to treat people like they are inferior. How it feels to be so unimportant to your own father that he can't even remember your birthday. How limiting no education is.

Enter Peggy's parents...Mike and Irene....

Irene and Mike are such a wonderful couple. They joke and laugh and I'm sure they have had their problems along the way...but they never stopped loving each other. They never stopped supporting each other. They are a few years younger than my parents...and they are my example. MY BEST EXAMPLE.
I hope with all my heart, that I have the kind of relationship with someone that they have. The kind and accepting type of Love that can change someone who's spinning out of control. The kind of Love that lets people grow and still be close. The kind of Love that is not restrictive or oppressive...

So this blog post is dedicated to them. The ones that put me on the right path, even thought they probably had no idea how much of an effect they had on me when I was 18 and angry at the world. Thank You for being the best example I could have ever had.

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