Thursday, November 19, 2009

First Vacation EVER!

It started as a joke really....Peggy's parents are in Florida, and I haven't seen the two of them together in probabily 15 years. We started planning it as a lark, counting air miles and such...just to see if it was really feasable.
If I'd have known what I know today, I never would have hesitated. Florida is amazing! I saw tons of cool things, although the culture shock is very much part of the journey. Everyone I met was fantastic, interesting and all around fun people. I so nearly met a twitter friend...lesbiantrucker...we were 10 miles from each other...but we will meet when it's in the cards. cool! I've never seen one cute and interesting!

And the beach! Now I understand what a beach is really supposed to be...In Ottawa, it's so not the same! Fine sandy beaches, rolling waves, sea shells, the smell of the salt water, and the total exaustion of a few hours around this beauty. So much to take time is not we went three times! I want to remember walking on the beach when it's -40 degrees celcius in Ottawa. This may get me through.
I collected a few sea shells, and was facinated when we came across a sea star in the pile. Peggy carefully moved him back to the sea. We also freed a little tiny fish that was washed ashore.

I also met a new friend....

This is Peggy and her glad they are together. Don't they look cute? This is Fort Myers Beach..
The sunsets are worth moving here for...that and all the beautiful people....ok, more the sunsets...

Lastly, on those horrible days, those ones that threaten to drag me under...I want to remember to watch this...

I will post the Disney pictures and videos later!

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