Sunday, September 6, 2009


I have been not working hard enough on myself lately. I have been stressed at work, almost to beyond what I can stand, and I am letting it affect me. I am letting it lessen my drive in the gym, and I am letting it distract me from my goal. My health. The job is secondary, and so is almost everything else. Almost.
Today I put on my compression shirt( for you that do not know, a compression shirt is a very tight shirt that wicks sweat away.Best thing ever invented! I wear a t-shirt over it) , and went to the gym to blow off some steam. I am home now, and I want to go for a run in the park...Not my usual thing to do on a Sunday, or ever really...but I have the energy and I need to burn it off.
Metallica must be the reason...I always listen to them when I need motivation, those guys make me clean my house, do my laundry and run like hell on the treadmill. Funny, I was never a great fan before St Anger...
Strange things have been happening to me lately...I have always been camera shy, but lately, I have wanted to get my picture taken.

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