Friday, August 21, 2009

Seeing Family Achieve

I have a crazy crazy that they sometimes scare me to be around them. Most days I prefer the friends I call my family. After all, that's what friends are...the Family you choose to spend time with.

My dad is not what I would wish on anybody as a father...In reality, he is neither. I've gotten to the point that he exists, and that's really all the support I can expect. He is very self absorbed, uneducated and racist.

My mom, although she tries very hard to be supportive, is surrounded by her own fears. I have always pushed her boundries by being myself, much to her discontent. Although I think the mohawk I had as a teenager (peacock blue no less..) pushed her just about as far as I could. She's had to open up her heart and mind to still be able to love me. I was a wild child...mohawks, tattoos, I had a safety pin through my cheek for a while...If someone was going to be my friend, they had to be able to look past a lot of things. (But I still have most of those friends to this day!)

My twitter family is making a huge impact on my life...I think this is what family is supposed to be. The place I can tell my darkest secrets, and not be judged too harshly. The place where every success is a celebration; the blossoming of a soul...the emerging of a new found self-awareness. The place where an "unsuccessful" try at something gets a ralley of support anyways. Just think, how strange is it that someone losing weight or running for the first time on the other side of the world should impact my life in such a way. This is the true butterfly effect...

In twitterville, I can be anything...I can give up the labels of insecure, fat, unfocused, and this can help to change my self-image of me. I walk taller, having you all behind me. No matter what, I have someone to talk to when things are at their best, worst or anywhere inbetween.

I think I'm falling in love with my twitter family! :)


  1. I feel exactly the same way about our twitter fam!! Unconditional love and support! It's a beautiful thing! Love u girl!

  2. Twitter family is the BEST!! LUV U TOO!! ((hugs))

  3. I know exactly where youre coming from!! It warms me inside to know that we mean so much to you!! We Love You Too!! Please keep sharing your Warm, supportive tweets and Blogs with us!! Mwah!!
    Dr. Mo A.K.A. @footdr69

  4. We love you too! I agree with all of the comments: We have such an awesome Twitter family. {{{{{Group Hug}}}}}

  5. All I have to say is: We Love You, Jenn!!

    I would be lost with you and the rest of our Twitter Family :)