Monday, August 31, 2009

I Love Days Like Today...

Today I decided to ride my bike. The last time I rode to work, it was too hot and I just didn't enjoy the ride at all. When I was younger, my bike was my preferred mode of transportation, and I let it slip away when I got my first car.

But today seemed different. Since I've gotten under 185, I'm 184 now...It seems easier. Most of the huffing anf puffing is gone. It was cool enough that I needed a sweater, so I wasn't overheated. I only stopped once for a water break.

I have moved out of the Obese BMI and I'm now in the "overweight" BMI...COOL!

One of the dieticians asked me if I could come and talk to her "Healthy Living" group about motivation and weight loss....I'm thinking I'm going to do it! I'm not really a fan of talking to groups...In fact, it makes me very nervous...but I'll give it a try! Maybe I can be someone's inspiration like Kelly was mine.

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