Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sometimes, I don't know what to do...

For the last few weeks, I have been reading blogs....blogs of women who have made a momentous decision to better their lives and the lives of their family members by eating healthier.

I usually read their blog, and then get to a point where they talk about the "healthy" food they are eating, and it's then that I usually become horrified! Much like I did when I started this journey, I went back and ate the things that I though were healthy, and really were not healthy choices at all.

So, my bewilderment I tell them, or wait for them to ask? I always hated the people who told me things when I wasn't ready....They usually started with, "You know, you'd loose more weight if...."

Bottom line is if it didn't grow out of the ground that way, or have a mother, don't eat it!

Excuses, excuses! Either you want it or you don't! Do you want to live to see your kids graduate and get married or do you want to be a distant memory for them?

Now, I know some people have to gradually get into this...nobody jumps on soy milk and protein powder the first day and falls in love...but I'm so worried that everyone is going to give up because of lack of results!

Peanut butter? 60 cals per some nuts and get the fiber that goes with it...It's better for you.

Bread? Cookies? Cake? Pop? Juice?Why are you sabotaging yourself at every step?

Everyday, every meal you make the choice. The choice to love yourself enough to eat what is good for you, or crap! If you can't love yourself enough to make the right choice TEXT ME...Because I love you enough to want to help! (please, no midnight to six am eating..I gotta sleep sometime!). My Twitter friends, my Team Mates, My Twitter Family...DM me, and I'll happily give you my phone number.

8 bottles of water a day...that doesn't include tea, coffee or soda!
(Except for when you first wake up, when you pee it should be clear if you're getting enough water!)
Carbs before a workout...fruit is a good choice...(give you quick energy)
protein after a workout (builds muscle which burns fat!)
Lean proteins...complex as well as simple carbs
6 small meals a day if you have to (I do!) , it'll help keep your metabolism running and burning. It's calories in, calories out..

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