Monday, August 17, 2009

So the weekend was interesting!

I've always had the ability to see....

the good in people,
to see when someone is lying to me
and to see what I can do to help someone push themselves over the top.
Too bad I can't always do it for myself.

This past weekend was 2 days of discovery, and while I kept up the things I do for myself like my exercising, I feel like I let myself down.

BEFORE...this would have thrown me into a tailspin, and I would be back in the fast food restaurant because what did it matter anyways?

My opinion has changed greatly. I understand life has setbacks, at least mine does...It forces me to make choices. Walls are put up in front of me to see how much I want I give up, or do I go over, or under, or around to reach MY dream? (Right about here is when I have the Rambo picture in my mind with the wall exploded into a million pieces)

I have given up on myself over and over again in the past...and I probabily will in the future too...but now, I take ther time to feel crappy about it, and then I get the hell over it and get back in the game!

I am an emotional eater. Pick an emotion and there is a snack food out there with my name on it. For me, I have to eliminate anything that I can just go grab from the kitchen that is not "grown out of the ground, or had a face" (sorry all you vegans!). I cook my meals for the week on one day and package them so they are as convienient as possible. Yes, I still on occasion, stand infront of the fridge with the door open looking for that something special...but I know it's different now. Before it was a can of coke and chips or something it's a few spoonfuls of hummas with pickles and maybe a bit of pita bread if I am feeling very crazy!

I understand falling off the diet/exercise wagon...It's not always easy planning your food and meals ahead of time, getting up early to exercise because you know you NEED to, eating before going out to dinner so that you don't cave in and have something you'll regret. Who doesn't want to be one of those people who can eat whatever they want, whenever...I just want to push them down the stairs ;)

The bottom line for me is that I need to do it for me, I can't do it for anyone else or make anyone follow my path if they don't want to.

The more I walk this journey, the more I know I don't walk it alone. At first, I had very little support...I had my trainer Kelly. Everyone of my friends tried not to roll their eyes and think , here we go again. She was the person who pushed me and answered all my questions...she was the person that wouldn't let me give up on myself.

When my resolve was at its lowest, she lent me hers...That is the sign of a true friend.

The fabfatties contest has brought me into a whole new realm...of friends and support. People who have walked the path before me, and some who are just starting out on this journey. Teamwork to me means reaching back and sharing the lesson with someone else who may be having a hard time. No one walks alone.

The self-discovery can be both enlightening and disturbing. What you can learn on this journey is important, and will affect every aspect of your life, I know it did mine. It has made me look at relationships, both good ones and bad ones. I have made many decisions to let people go out of my life if they are unable to be supportive in my quest for better health. I have started to clean out my emotional cupboard, to dust off the important things and to remove the negative distractions. I have left a stagnant relationship to no surprise of Kelly...she explained that when you change yourself and expect better, you need to change your surroundings too.

I've found new superhero's...and maybe someday, I'll be one of them!

It’s not too late….
This post Comes to you via the F A B U L O U S @footDr69…
Welcome to team DOWNSIZING DIVAS! @fabfatties #ffchallenge3 is on!
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Here is a List of Points (Entries) That you may count per day:
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5. Meeting that goal: 3 points
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9. Exercise 30 min. or more a day: 2 points
11.Blog about this challenge or linky love @fabfatties on your blog: 3 points
12. Eat a healthy breakfast: 1 point
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