Monday, August 3, 2009

Too many years of trying to be the perfect daughter...too many years of expecting you to be my "dad" and you not even being my father...

I've decided that it's time. You are freed of the burdon, nothing is expected from you, which should be easy, since you are so good at delivering that.

The Final Slap in the Face

I’ve seen what reality is
And I have to stop trying to make it change
I think I’ve been cheated out of life
And I want to trade you in, an exchange…

I can’t make you care,
By the way you treat me it’s apparent
That you should have never been
Any impressionable kids “parent”

At least I didn’t live with you,
I didn’t learn your party line.
Where I used to be jealous of “your kids”,
Without your influence I know I shine.

I am who I am in spite of you,
Not because of you, like a good parent should.
I solved my own problems and stood on my own,
And it’s time I admit it’s YOU I’ve outgrown.

I expect nothing from you anymore,
I shouldn’t be disappointed.
You’re not much to replace,
A real man will be appointed.

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